How to Wrap A Baby Sling: A Step-By-Step Guide

How to Wrap A Baby Sling: A Step-By-Step Guide

The first few months to a year are extremely crucial for the safety and well-being of a newborn as they are the most fragile during this point. As parents, we are always ensuring to keep them safe all the time.

One such method of keeping a newborn safe is by using a baby sling. Baby slings have been around for a very long time. But, several new parents are unaware of how to actually use a baby sling.

Keep reading on, as in this article we will be giving you a step-by-step instruction on how to wrap a baby sling.

Before we get into guiding you on how to wrap a baby sling, let us tell you why you actually need a baby sling. Also known as baby wearing, it is a cloth or any kind of fabric that is used to wrap around your upper body to support and carry your infant. The fabric is wrapped over the shoulder and tied securely right above your chest where your infant rests.

This is an ancient practice. There are garments that are particularly made for modern-day baby slings. There are sling rings in the modern-day baby slings at each end of the cloth to help prevent it from the infant’s weight separating it.

Some benefits associated with carrying a child in a baby sling are:

  1. There is a ton of freedom and mobility for the parent when carrying a baby in a sling.
  2. Infants love being held by their mothers, so the baby sling makes it convenient for the parent as well as for the infant.
  3. A study in 1986 claimed that a child that is carried in baby slings tend to be happier and cry lesser as they constantly feel the warmth of their parent.
  4. Baby slings help in improving breastmilk production as well as breastfeeding, as physical contact with the child helps release the mother’s hormone “oxytocin” which is beneficial in the production of breastmilk.
  5. The neurobehavioral development, as well as speech development in the infant, is higher in a baby sling than in a stroller, as the child can see and hear the same as the parent.

How to Wrap A Baby Sling: The Right Way

Now that you know the benefits, let us guide you on how to wrap a baby sling. Below are some of the methods of wearing a baby sling.

Each one has their own unique style, and you can choose one that fits your needs perfectly.

Reclining Cradle Hold:

This kind of sling style is perfect if your infant is mostly sleeping and needs that additional support in your arms. This method is also perfect if you wish to breastfeed, but yet be discreet about it.

How to do this:

  • Use the fabric with rings and tie it around like a sash with the rings sitting over your shoulder.
  • Hold and pull out the inner cloth, so that the pouch created rests against your chest and high up on the torso.
  • Keeping the baby facing you and the rings on the other shoulder, gently lower the baby into the pouch portion. Adjust by loosening or tightening the ring.
  • Make sure your baby is always supported.

Snuggle Hold:

If you don’t wish to have your baby constantly lying down, then the snuggle hold works just perfectly. Similar to carrying a child, the baby is tucked in like he or she is almost sitting inside the sling.

How to do this:

  • Use the fabric with the rings as a sash. Holding the baby facing you, put him/her on your shoulder.
  • Pull out the edge of the fabric and put it over the baby.
  • Through the lower rail, pull your baby’s legs down.
  • Adjust the sling in such a way that the upper rail is comfortably supporting the back and the neck, while the lower rail is supporting the baby’s thighs.
  • Adjust the rings accordingly depending on how tight you want the sling to be.

Rebozo Carry:

This kind of a baby sling hold is a traditional one. This is great for newborns. Mothers who need freedom and mobility while carrying their child will benefit a ton from this style of sling hold.

How to do this:

  • Sit with your legs crossed on a bed or on the floor. Place the fabric over your lap.
  • Place your child, face up, on the wrap that is between your knees.
  • Now, take both the wide ends of the fabric and wrap over your child’s body. Make sure your child airway is not obstructed.
  • Place the baby on your chest and take the end of the fabric over your shoulder and the other end of the fabric around your waist and tie them up in the back.
  • You can also tie it in the front, around your waist, if you desire.

These are three of several ways you can use a piece of fabric to tie around your body to make it a baby sling. There are a couple of safety tips you need to keep in mind before doing this. They are:

  1. Always ensure that your child’s airway is never blocked as this is a safety hazard.
  2. It is always recommended to place a newborn as high up on your body as you can and gradually lower as they can control their head and neck.
  3. At all times, it is absolutely crucial that your baby’s neck is supported.
  4. Your baby’s back should also be supported with a slight gentle curve.
  5. Keep a check on your sling every week. They tend to wear out over time, and you wouldn’t want to place your child in a sling that is not secure.
  6. If you find yourself struggling using a sling all by yourself, it is advisable to take assistance from another person.
  7. Baby slings are not meant to be used while you are driving or in a beach/pool. These are all dangerous to your child.

We hope this guide has given you enough detail on how to wrap a baby sling. We wish you and your baby good luck!

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