How to Use Munchkin Bottle Warmer

A Quick, Simple, and Versatile Bottle Warmer

Does your bottle warmer take too long to heat up? Does it only fit one size bottle when you have multiple brands? Does it require extensive and time-consuming cleaning? Do you have baby food you also need to heat up?

The Munchkin Bottle Warmer warms up bottles in less than two minutes, it’s well designed for easy of use, and it can work with any bottle you have, not just Munchkin bottles.

Babies drink about six to eight bottles per day. This steam warmer is designed for 4 oz., 5 oz., 8 oz., and 9 oz. standard and wide bottles, and is safe for warming both formula and pumped breast milk.

This bottle warmer can even warm up and defrost frozen baby food jars in 2.5 oz., 4 oz., and 6 oz. sizes. It holds multiple bottle sizes, it comes with a measuring cup for exact measuring, there’s no clean up, and it gets really hot.

What Comes with the Munchkin Bottle Warmer?

  • Warming machine with a measuring cup holder, warming chamber, on button, and indicator light
  • Measuring Cup
  • Lift-Out Basket
  • Adapter ring

How to Use the Munchkin Bottle Warmer

Step 1 – Get it Set Up

Place the warmer on a flat counter or surface. It should be clean, dry, and cool in temperature before heating.

It helps to have it near a sink, since it uses water. Make sure it’s away from upper cabinets, since it does release steam. You don’t need to preheat it, which also saves time.

Have your bottles or food jars close by, since this warmer heats up fast. When you’re ready, plug it in.

Step 2 – Fill the Warmer with Water

Take the included Measuring Cup from its holder and fill it with water to the desired fill line.

The fill lines on the cup use an alphabet system from A to F.

It depends on the size bottle you have, whether it’s a standard or wide mouth bottle, and its temperature before warming.

Generally speaking, you’ll use less water for room temperature bottles and jars, and more water for chilled or refrigerated bottles and jars постельное белье. Keep in mind that you may have to adjust the amount of water to obtain the perfect temperature.

A handy chart is included in the warmer instructions so that you don’t overfill.

Measure the water exactly every time you use the machine. If too much water is put in the warming chamber, you’ll heat the bottle too long and the temperature will be too high. Then you run the danger of milk spilling out.

Pour the water into the Warming Chamber. Replace the Measuring Cup back on its holder on the side of the machine.

Step 3 – Add the Basket, the Bottle, and the Ring

After you’ve poured in the water, place the Lift-Out Basket into the Warming Chamber.

Always do this before adding your bottle or jar, to prevent damage and over-heating.

Now put the bottle or jar into the warmer. Position the Adapter Ring on top of the basket. If it doesn’t fit around the bottle, don’t use it.

Step 4 – Warm Up

Press the “On” button on the Munchkin Bottle Warmer. This also turns on the Indicator Light, which means the warmer is working and has started its heating cycle.

One of the best features of this bottle warmer is how fast it heats up. It takes less than two minutes.

Step 5 – Ready to Go

The light shuts off when the warming cycle is complete, so take the bottle or jar out immediately to prevent further heating.

If it’s not warm enough, use slightly more water next time постільна білизна від виробника. Add an additional half a teaspoon of water at a time to prevent overheating.

Conversely, if the bottle or jar isn’t warm enough, reduce by half a teaspoon of water each time to tweak the final temperature.

Step 6 – Stay Safe

Since this is an electric machine, caution needs to be taken to prevent electric shock.

Make sure it’s unplugged before cleaning. Do not use with extension cords, either мультитул купить. Children should not be operating this bottle warmer.

Also, take five minutes between each warming cycle to allow the machine to cool перчатки тактичні. Don’t use the Munchkin Bottle Warmer when it’s still warm.

Save Time by Relying on the Munchkin Bottle Warmer

For tired parents and middle of the night feedings, the Munchkin Bottle Warmer saves you time and helps feed your baby with the perfect milk temperature.

You only have to clean it twice a week to prevent rust ліхтар акумуляторний світлодіодний.  The basket handle is very useful to pull bottles out. It heats up the bottle really fast, has a helpful measuring container, and produces reliable, consistent heat for all types of bottles and baby food jars.

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