How To Empty Diaper Genie

How To Empty Diaper Genie

If you don’t own aDiaper Genie, it might seem like a foreign concept to you. Diaper Genie is a device which allows you to place use diapers and it will produce outputs of long chains of used diapers. This comes in the form of shrink-wrapped bundles, which are similar sausage links.

With so many other baby products available out there which can help parents to dispose of diapers conveniently, this may seem like it is just another pointless device that can’t provide real value to parents. However, Diaper Genie is an essential invention because it helps make the lives of parents much more convenient.

How can Diaper Genie provides value for parents?

A baby goes through many milestones because they have a fast growth rate. From swaddling them using a baby swaddler up to when they start using the push walker to walk, every milestone is a memorable one. However, one thing that parents want to keep to the minimum is the amount of hassle they have to go through with cleaning their children’s diapers.

To understand the value that a Diaper Genie brings for parents, it is essential to understand the nature of a baby’s diet. At the newborn stage, babies are on a liquid diet. At this stage, their poop is manageable. However, the days ahead are going to get more challenging.

This is even more so with the introduction of solid food in which you will discover things in the diapers which you can’t even speak about. Parents who are adamant about keeping their house clean and smelling fresh, as well as keeping the house away from odor needs to get a Diaper Genie.

Besides giving your baby the usual diaper change, the Diaper Genie helps you to manage the process of changing 8 to 10 diapers a day more conveniently. It is inevitable that you are going to take out the used diapers into garbage cans after every change.

How does a Diaper Genie work?

To put it in simple words, Diaper Genie is an automatic device, which can close by itself. It helps neutralize the odor which comes from poop. In other words, it is a sophisticated and more advanced version of your garbage cans. To use it, you simply open the lid and then push up the used diaper into the plastic.

Then, the diapers will drop into the plastic bag already available in the body of the device. Then, the clamp will make the plastic close while also sealing the used diaper and keeping away from releasing that although.

With the newer version of Diaper Genie, which is called the Diaper Genie Elite, you don’t have to lift the lid. Instead, you just have to put your foot on the foot pedal, and it will automatically lift the lid up for you.

This is a more hygienic version of the Diaper Genie that you can consider getting if you don’t want to go through the hassle of lifting the lid.

How do you empty the Diaper Genie?

One way that you can identify when the Diaper Genie is full is when you are unable to shove anymore used diaper into the device. There are possibilities that you can still shove used diaper is on the device, but it will not be able to close. This is also another sign that the Diaper Genie has to reach its maximum capacity.

If this happens, you might have to resort to pushing the button on the front to open it. There is a built-in cutter in this device which enables you to cut the plastic just a few inches above the top of the diaper roll. One thing to keep in mind is to ensure that you have enough inches left to tie the top well.

Once you are done lifting the used diapers out of the device, you need to ensure that you tie the bottom of the open plastic before you close to Genie. If you missed this step, you would probably end up with diapers falling through the plastic.

Only realizing it when you are doing an exchange can be very inconvenient. After this, your device will be ready to accept another load of used diapers. Once you have removed the use diapers from your device, you can dispose of it immediately.

Why does the Diaper Genie work?

Despite it being an odd concept to some parents, they are very popular and are becoming a staple in households. It is essential for the day-to-day baby care and can help parents to effectively manage the many tasks of taking care of a baby or toddler. Some parents take this device with them when they are traveling for a short weekend trip. The following are a few reasons of why this device works for parents.

1.  Helps to control odor

One of the mechanisms in this device which helps to control odor is the clamp. This is because it helps to seal off the diapers immediately and it does not allow much air to escape from it. They are also additives to the plastic refills which helps to minimise the amount of odor, which is released into the environment.

2.  One central diaper stash

By having a central location to place dirty diapers, you can minimise the amount of odor that you can find in your household. Therefore, you will end up having to find used diapers here and there in your house. Everybody in-house will also appreciate not having to discover used diapers in different locations around the house.

Diaper Genie tips

To ensure that parents can use Diaper Genie well, here are several tips that you can utilize. It is essential that you make sure you tie up the bottom. When you do this, the knot that you make has to be tight, so that it doesn’t come undone easily. This will take some practice to get the knot right, but once you get used to it, it should come to you naturally.

You might only realize it too late that the diapers are not being placed properly. Therefore, always make it a habit to check whether you tied up the knot already.

Don’t slack off on emptying your device as well as it can help to keep bad odor away from your house. Lastly, don’t forget to stock up on refills so that you don’t have to restock at an inconvenient moment.

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