Best Baby Wipes Of 2017 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Babies need a lot of care and attention. They have special needs and there are many products needed to keep your baby happy and healthy. Baby wipes will make sure your baby is clean and they are left smelling fresh. It is important that these wipes are gentle on the skin and will not irritate delicate areas. Baby wipes will make it easier to make sure your baby remains clean and fresh.

There are a myriad of baby wipes on the market but that does not mean they are all the same, and it can be hard to tell the different brands apart. Here are some tips to choose the best baby wipes.

  • Before purchasing wipes find out if the baby has sensitive skin. There are scented wipes and there are unscented baby wipes. Some babies are sensitive and cannot have anything with a fragrance applied to their skin. Other babies will not be bothered by the scent. As long as the baby does not have sensitive skin, it is the choice of the parents if they want to get scented or unscented baby wipes
  • Baby wipes are now made extra thick. This will allow a more material between you and the mess you are cleaning up. Many parents like the feel of the thicker wipes and the babies seem to enjoy them as well. Thicker wipes reduce the chance that anything will get on your hands
  • Before making a final selection on baby wipes, check the ingredients that they are made of. Some brands are natural, while others use chemicals that can irritate the skin. Some common ingredients in baby wipes include water, glycerol, natural oils, and aloe vera extract. If you see these are the main products that go into make the wipe, it is generally safe to use on the baby
  • There are different containers that these baby wipes come in. The container is important since the wipes are going to have to stay moist. A good choice is a plastic container with a lid that pops open and closes. This will ensure the wipes stay moist and fresh. When the wipes run out, there are refill packs that can be put into the container to help save money

The following baby wipe products are some of the best to use on the delicate skin of the baby.

Amazon Elements Baby Wipes, Unscented 720 Count

These baby wipes are all natural and they have been trusted by parents for a number of years. There are no chemicals that can irritate the sensitive skin of a baby. The wipes have been lab tested and they are safe to use on the skin of a newborn, and they are sturdy enough to get your baby clean. Thoroughly cleaning your baby’s bottom is very important, and these wipes can handle the job without a problem.

  • The wipes are strong and will not tear in your hand
  • They are large so that they can clean the baby without making a mess
  • The diapers have a soft texture so they are gentle on baby’s skin. They are gentle enough to use on the diaper area as well as the baby’s face
  • These wipes do not contain fragrances, parabens, dyes, alcohol, and other chemicals that can cause skin irritation
  • The wipes come with a flip top container so they will not dry out. There is a storage tub included
  • The wipes can be disposed of by throwing them in the trash


  • There are no added fragrances just a clean and fresh natural smell
  • The wipes have aloe and vitamin E to help soothe the skin and keep hydration where it is needed the most
  • The wipes are made with pharmaceutical-grade purified water
  • There are reusable packs and have a dispensing tub that can be used over and over again


  • Uses have said that the wipes have left marks on sensitive skin
  • Others said their baby’s bottom broke out
  • The button has to be scrubbed in order for it to get clean
  • Wipes dried out within a couple of days in storage container

Overall these baby wipes are well liked by customers. They are environment friendly and free from harsh chemicals. The wipes are soft and thick so they will get your baby’s bottom clean. They will also do it in a neat manner, which is important for the parent.

Pampers Baby Wipes Baby Fresh

These wipes are from a well-trusted and well know brand in baby products. They are said to be stronger than the average baby wipe and have been used for a number of years, keeping millions of babies fresh and clean. The wipes are some of the best that this trusted baby brand has to offer. Parents like the wipes from Pampers just as much as they like the diapers and the protection that they offer.


  • These wipes are said to be 4 times stronger than other leading brands
  • They have a soft texture which makes it easy to clean the baby
  • They have a clean and fresh scent
  • The wipes are hypoallergenic
  • The wipes have a lotion that contains pure water to be gentle


  • Wipes are strong and will get your baby’s bottom clean, yet they are gentle
  • The wipes are strong and will not shred
  • They have a clean and fresh scent
  • There is lotion in the wipes to help soothe the skin


  • Users have said that the wipes have torn, leaving a mess behind
  • The smell is a little on the strong side
  • Wipes are thin, making it hard to clean a large mess

The Pampers Wipes are stronger than the leading brand of baby wipe. They have a natural scent that is fresh and will freshen the baby up while they are being cleaned. These wipes are hypoallergenic so they can even be used on babies with sensitive skin. The wipes are well liked by parents and they will stay moist, even when they are stored in the package.

Huggies Simply Clean Baby Wipes Unscented

These baby wipes are from the Huggies brand which is a favorite of parents and has been for a number of years. The wipes do not have a scent, so they are great for babies with sensitive skin. Huggies continues to be a well-trusted and well respected brand; this is the number one baby wipe brand in North America. Huggies is one of the leading brands for baby products including wipes and diapers. They have been trusted by both parents and doctors for a number of years. They are strong and effective at keeping the baby clean while still being gentle.


  • Free of fragrances
  • Can be used on a baby’s bottom, hands, and even the face
  • The wipes are both alcohol and paraben free
  • They are hypoallergenic
  • The wipes have been tested by dermatologists and recommended for use on babies
  • The packs have a soft lid that is easy to open especially on the go


  • Can be used on many parts of the baby to provide a gentle clean
  • Can be used on everyday surfaces to make sure they are germ free
  • Tested and approved for babies with sensitive skin
  • Great for families on the go


  • The wipes do not come easily out of the container
  • Wipes shred easily
  • Wipes are small and thin

Huggies Simply Clean Baby wipes may be a little difficult to get out of the package but they are able to get your baby nice and clean. This brand of wipes is great for those with sensitive skin. The wipes will clean your baby and there will be no mess left behind.

Seventh Generation Thick and Strong Free and Clear Baby Wipes

These wipes are all natural and are made by a brand that has been known to be environment friendly. The wipes are still effective at cleaning the baby, while they are safe to use. This is the leading brand is all-natural products for cleaning and for children.


  • The wipes are gentle to use on the baby
  • When you purchase this 6 pack, you will get over 384 wipes
  • Each package is sealed to keep the wipes fresh and moist
  • The baby wipes can be used on the face, bottom, or the hands
  • It is fragrance free
  • These wipes do not contain alcohol, parabens, or phenoxyethanol
  • The wipes are strong, making it easy to clean your baby


  • The wipes are all natural
  • They are environment friendly
  • Able to clean the baby using fewer wipes
  • Can be used on sensitive skin
  • The wipes are free from dyes
  • The wipes are strong due to being made from wood pulp which is a renewable resource


  • The wipes are very thick, and for some they are a little too thick
  • The wipes may leave a lint residue on the baby’s bottom
  • The texture is rough
  • The wipes feel like cleaning cloths instead of baby wipes

Overall, many people like that these the Seventh Generation wipes are all natural and they are environment friendly as well. They are free from dyes and chemicals; this will make them great to use on your baby to protect their delicate skin.

Babygancis Face, Hand, and Baby Wipes Fragrance Free

These baby wipes a great for parents who like organic products. They are free from artificial ingredients and will help nourish the delicate skin of the baby. These wipes are all natural, which scores them major points with many parents.


  • Wipes do not contain alcohol, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial fragrances
  • Free of artificial dyes
  • Made with plant based products including NeoNourish Seed Oil blends
  • Non allergenic formula
  • Tested and approved by dermatologists
  • This product is never tested on animals.


  • Designed to be used on sensitive skin
  • Gentle, yet strong cleaning power
  • Contains antioxidants to help the skin
  • Made in the USA


  • Parents have reported that they have an odd scent
  • Does not come out of the package easily
  • Wipes can be rough
  • They are smaller than most baby wipes

Overall parents like that these wipes are organic and they are not made with chemicals or other substances that can harm the baby. They are free from dyes and have natural extracts that can help soothe and protect a baby’s delicate skin. These wipes are great for parents who want to use organic products without missing out on quality.

Final verdict

Overall these are some of the best wipes for the baby on the market. These baby wipes are made by brands that have been well-liked and well-respected for a number of years; these brands make other baby products that are trusted as well—they are some of the leaders in the industry and do not disappoint parents when it comes to baby wipes.

These top 5 best baby wipe brands on the market are safe and gentle to use on your baby. Overall, the wipes are soft to use so they will not irritate the delicate skin of the baby. They can also be used on the face, which requires a wipe that is safe and gentle. These wipes are free of artificial products and chemicals. This is very important. These wipes have been trusted by parents and they all receive rave reviews.

When looking for baby wipes, you need something that will clean your baby without being too harsh. all these wipes are great at getting your baby clean without bothering their skin. They will also reduce the mess factor when cleaning. That is why these are some of the best baby wipes brands on the market.

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