Best Baby Carrier Of 2017 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Have a baby at home? Want to provide it with the best of safety and comfort features money can buy you? Then worry not. There are tons of options available on the market these days that you can consider.

A baby carrier is what you need if you want to give your baby all that comfort and safety features you have always been looking for. But hang on, aren’t there tons of baby carrier manufacturers that promise you of providing the best of these items? So how do you choose the best of them and assure you baby the very best? We have this problem sorted out for you.

So, what are the features you need to look at in a baby carrier to make sure your baby is extremely happy and comfortable in it?

Here are a few things you need to be looking at in a baby carrier. So, make sure that you check out each of these features before you zero in on a baby carrier.

  • Safety of your baby is of utmost importance. Therefore, make sure your chosen baby carrier is made of top-quality materials like 100% polyester, 100% cotton, or a mix of mesh and Lycra. When strong fibers are used, you can be sure that there will not be any rips or tears in the baby carrier.
  • Positions are an important factor you need to check out before buying a baby carrier. While some baby carriers offer only two positions, others offer 5, including back, front facing in and out, cradle, and hip.
  • Next, you need to check the comfort factor. The best baby carrier is the one that comes with wide padded waist belt and wide padded shoulder straps. Look for these features in your shortlisted carriers.
  • Checking weight limits is also important. Different baby carriers have different weight limits. While some of the carriers have a weight capacity of 26 pounds, others may have 40-45 pounds, and so on. Depending on the weight capacity needed for your baby, choose an appropriate carrier.
  • You can also look for some additional features, like storage pockets and sleep hoods in your baby carrier.

Our team of experts has researched and tested some of the best baby carriers on view and has come out with a list that is sure to make you tension-free and your baby happy.

The Best Baby Carrier of 2017

While we have made efforts to list out the best baby carriers for you, it is important for you to understand that not all of them may be suitable for you. It is better to find out what your needs are before you zero in on one that best meets your requirements.

1. Boba Wrap Baby Carrier

If you are looking for something that is inexpensive and perfect for your newborn, then look no further than Boba Wrap Baby Carrier.

This is the best baby carrier you can shop for babies that weigh 20 pounds or less.

The first thing most moms look for when they shop around for baby carriers is straps or snaps and buckles. After all, these are what are going to decide the comfort level of carrying babies around. The good news, at least with Boba Wrap Baby Carrier, is that none of these are present and, therefore, it should be fairly easy for all moms to take it on and off!

The fabric used in this baby carrier is fairly stretchy which means your baby will fit in it beautifully. What’s more, this carrier can be washed and dried without any hassle. That’s not all, you can fold it easily and place it in a suitcase or a diaper bag and carry it along wherever you go.

Your baby’s spine and hip will surely find a lot of support in this baby carrier.


  • The ergonomic design of this baby carrier is simple and perfect for all babies that weigh 20 pounds or less.
  • The stretchy fiber is of high-quality and should be convenient for you to hold your baby.
  • The baby carrier is inexpensive.
  • It is very comfortable, snug, and warm.


  • Large babies may not find it comfortable to be in this baby carrier.
  • If you live in an extremely hot and humid place, then this baby carrier may look a bit warmer to your liking. However, this is nothing much to worry about.


Boba Wrap Baby Carrier is undoubtedly a promising baby carrier, especially if your baby is small. Also, for those looking for unassuming but effective baby carrier, this product is worth a try.

2. ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier

Looking only from the ergonomic point of view, ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier can be the perfect choice you can make for your baby. It’s incredibly soft, back support and padded shoulder straps will help lessen the stress your shoulder would have to undergo in carrying around your little one.

With ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier, you can be sure that the weight of the baby is evenly distributed between your shoulders and hips. And, you can also be sure that your child will feel comfortable and natural sitting in it!

The manufacturer has also made sure to provide an infant insert so that it becomes easy for newborns to fit in comfortably and snugly. However, this needs to be purchased separately. The hood, however, is provided with the baby carrier and is meant to protect your baby’s head.


  • The fabric used is durable and should easily withstand the harshness of weather.
  • It is provided with an up front pocket in which you can keep small but useful items.
  • Your baby will get to sit in a natural and comfortable position for long periods.


  • It is slightly over-priced, given the features it has been provided with.
  • The absence of front-facing chest position.


If you are the one who can spend a small fortune in buying something that is good for your baby then this is the best baby carrier for you. Despite having minor flaws, this can be a good buy especially when you look at the overall quality and features that come along with it.

3. BabyBjorn Original

BabyBjorn is a classic and a popular baby carrier that has a lot to offer to you. What is really good about it is that it is available in different colors and in both mesh and cotton materials.

This well-made and durable baby carrier is extremely suitable for your small child as it supports baby’s small neck, spine, and head appropriately.

BabyBjorn is the best baby carrier you can get in its price range because it gives you the choice of carrying your baby outward toward the world or inward toward your chest. This is a useful feature to have because just like adults, different babies feel like having something different at different times!

Babybjorn Baby Carrier Original also has different accessories to go with the basic features it has.


  • It’s a well-made and high-quality baby carrier that is quite durable.
  • Is extremely flexible.
  • Have pretty useful accessories that will make the baby more comfortable in it.


  • You cannot do back carrying with this baby carrier.
  • Though the baby carrier is provided with many interesting features, it doesn’t come with an area or pocket that will let you keep things while moving around.


BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Original is the one you need to go for if you like something that is easy to carry wherever you go and is durable. It does pack in different useful features that make it value for money.

4. Beco Baby Organic Gemini

Looking for a versatile and yet affordable baby carrier? Beco Baby Organic Gemini should easily tick all your boxes.

This unassuming but easy to use baby carrier has many features incorporated in it that make it a popular choice in its category. As with other carriers like the BabyBjorn Miracle and ERGObaby, this baby carrier is provided with waist support for even weight distribution and maximum comfort.

The Beco Baby Carrier also lets you put your baby in different positions. What this means is that you can keep your baby side on or chest facing out and back, and chest facing chest. The baby carrier is provided with a criss-cross design at shoulders/back that lets most people manage the buckles comfortably.


  • Is a versatile baby carrier.
  • Comes in different styles and patterns.
  • Given the choice it provides you, it is value for money.


  • Managing buckles may not be all that easy, at least for some people.
  • It is slightly expensive as compared to other baby carriers in its category.


Yes, there are a few small issues you may have to deal with Beco Baby Carrier Organic Gemini but, in general, you’ll love it. It is so attractive, versatile, and functional that it will become easy for you to recommend it to others. Go for this baby carrier if you are looking for something that it is attractive as well as value for money.

5. BabyBjorn Miracle

BabyBjorn is a fairly well-known brand in the baby carrier category and with Miracle; it has provided another option to parents for carrying their young ones.

The best part about BabyBjorn Miracle is that it has a simple design that lets it carry babies of different sizes.

In fact, the design of this baby carrier is such that it lets you do a lot of activities whilst allowing you to hold your baby safely on your back or against your chest.


  • Your back, shoulders, and neck will not be stressed too much as the weight of the baby are evenly distributed across the waist support provided in the baby carrier.
  • Available in two fabrics – a breathable mesh and cotton. So you have choices while picking up this baby carrier.
  • Easy to adjust and is available in different color variants.


  • It is a bit expensive as compared to other baby carriers on the market.
  • The carrier is not provided with pockets.


BabyBjorn Miracle is the best baby carrier your money can get if you are looking for something that will last really long and help you carry your baby in different positions. In addition to being durable, it is attractive and comfortable.

6. Infantino Sash Mei Tai

One of the baby wearing styles that are ancient and is still popular among women is Mei Tai. Now, Infantino has brought this style back into the fold with Sash Mei Tai.

Infantino Sash Mei Tai is an easy to use and flexible baby carrier that will ensure that you’ll have a worry-free movement even in the company of your baby.

The benefit of using Sash Mei Tai is that it ergonomically supports the baby while you carry it around. This baby carrier can be used on the back, on the hip or facing in.


  • Your baby will feel more secure and natural in this carrier. Numerous body builds and types can be accommodated.
  • A detachable hood is provided to this baby carrier that keeps your young one away from the sun.
  • The shoulder pads of this baby carrier are thick and cushioned.


  • In the case when the wrap is not secured properly, there are chances that your newborn may slide down the carrier.
  • The wrap is slightly longer than average carriers. Therefore, storing them can be a slight problem.


With a superb ergonomic design and lots of useful features, Infantino Sash Mei Tai is a baby carrier you can bet on. It is flexible and durable and should easily accommodate your baby. If your budget falls in the price range of this baby carrier then it is suggested that you go for it!

7. Manduca Blackline Series

If you are looking for a baby carrier that will keep your baby dry and cool while you are on the go then Manduca Blackline Series should be of great help to you. This is because the baby carrier is made of 100% organic cotton.

The Manduca Blackline is the best baby carrier on the market today because the shoulder straps provided to it are padded and thick. Therefore, you can expect the load on your shoulder to be lesser that it would have encountered with other carriers.


  • The baby carrier is provided with a wider base which ensures that the baby can sit comfortably in the M formation.
  • A large number of buckles and straps are provided to this carrier which ensures the safety of your baby.
  • As 100% cotton is used in making this carrier, you can be sure of keeping your baby’s skin comfortable and dry.


  • You may feel the need to have some inserts while using this carrier to make your baby comfortable. These inserts need to be bought separately.
  • The organic cotton used for this carrier can attract a lot of animal hair and dust and this can be frustrating for your baby.


The Manduca Blackline Series is the baby carrier you can trust if you are looking for something that is affordable and helpful while you are always on the move. Made out of 100% cotton, this baby carrier is as comfortable and flexible as it can get.

8. Evenflo Breathable Baby Carrier

As the name suggests, the biggest selling point of Evenflo Breathable Baby Carrier is its breathable mesh panels that are so designed that your baby will feel cool and dry, irrespective of the environment it is exposed to.

To provide more comfort to your baby, Evenflo has made it sure to provide extra padding to the headrest and the back straps. What this also does is help evenly distribute your baby’s weight.

All in all, Evenflo Breathable baby carrier is the perfect carrier you can own because it is fun and easy.


  • Easy to carry and lightweight. You’ll feel comfortable carrying around your baby in this carrier for an extended period of time.
  • The attachments and straps are easy to handle.
  • Extremely easy for mothers to feed their babies.


  • There isn’t enough padding in the crouch area of the carrier.
  • The straps could get tangled after the carrier is washed in the washing machine.


You can go for Evenflo Breathable Baby Carrier if you like something that is lightweight and comfortable to use. Given its price range, it is sure to give you value for money.

9. Boba 3G Baby Carrier

This baby carrier may be one of the older ones going around but is sure to be the perfect choice for your family. This baby carrier is provided with lots of accessories and self-storage sack that make it an automatic choice to carry your baby when you are going outdoors.

You should easily be able to accommodate babies weighing between 7 and 45 pounds in this carrier. Furthermore, it is provided with a teething pad that is not just 100% organic but also safe for your little one.


  • A number of funky and fun designs are available.
  • As the baby carrier comes with its own storage pouch, you can easily store baby items in it.
  • You can easily use this carrier for the back as well as front carrying.


  • Though different designs are available, the color schemes available are limited.
  • You’ll feel the need to use the infant insert with this carrier. However, this needs to be purchased separately.


Boba 3G Baby Carrier is a versatile baby carrier, something that you can definitely consider for your baby. It is easy to carry babies of different weights in this carrier.

10. Infantino Swift Classic

The main strength of Infantino Swift Classic is its smart and simple design that makes it the perfect choice for families, especially those that are always on the move.

The Swift Classic is provided with a detachable but convenient bib cover that helps protect your baby. Its compact design allows it to be packed conveniently even in a diaper bag! With this carrier, you can easily accommodate outward and inward facing positioning.


  • It is affordable and has a flawless design.
  • It is 100% machine washable.
  • Comes with a padded head support that your young one needs while on the move.


  • You can only use this baby carrier for short trips and not for daily use.
  • Can be used only for babies weighing 25 pounds or less.


The Infantino Swift Classic is the best baby carrier going around on the market today, especially in its price range. It’s simple and easy design makes it an automatic choice for babies weighing 25 pounds or less.


With so many baby carrier options available on the market today, it is not an easy decision to make. However, we have simplified this task a lot so that you can shop around for these carriers without worrying about anything. Though not all the above- mentioned baby carriers are for you, pick the one that meets your requirements and budget.