Best Baby Pajamas Of 2017 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Finding the best baby pajamas is important. It can be the difference between a good night’s sleep and a restless one. You need to find one which can withstand diaper changes, feedings late at night and all other baby and child messes. If your little one’s pajamas are not able to live through all this, then it’s probably not worth your money.

Even if you know how fast babies and toddlers grow, it’s not a good idea to buy sleepwear which are 2 or 3 sizes too big. Your little one’s pajamas should fit well. They should not be too big that your baby/toddler will be able to wriggle out of them easily.

The pajamas should be snug enough that they are comfortable. They also shouldn’t be so tight that circulation is cut off. Find the right balance and your little one will surely feel very comfortable.

Babies and toddlers spend a lot of time sleeping. This is why you need to buy the best, most comfortable and most stylish sleepwear you can find. The best ones will keep your little one comfortable and help him/her sleep better. Here are some of the best products out there now:

Burt’s Bees Baby, Baby Organic Sleeper

This sleeper is one of the most comfortable products in our list. This is because it’s made of100% organic cotton which is ultra soft and snug.

The Burt’s Bees Baby Organic Sleeper is machine washable and fits your baby well. It’s snug but stretchy enough that your baby can wriggle around while wearing it. The fun grippers on the soles of this sleeper are shaped like cute bees.

It also comes with a full zipper on the front for easy diaper changing. If this size isn’t right for your little one, the brand has sleepers and pajamas for older toddlers too!


  • Imported sleepwear is made with 100% organic cotton – and that’s certified!
  • The material is very soft and comfortable.
  • Fits snugly when you get the right size. The manufacturers recommend measuring your baby’s length and weight when choosing the size, rather than the age.
  • Has grippers on the feet to ensure safety.
  • The zipper is located at the front and comes with a zipper guard to protect your little one’s skin.


  • The zipper bulges in places even after washing.
  • The fabric is not very thick.

Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby-Boys 3-Pack Flame Resistant Fleece Footed Pajamas 

The Simple Joys 3-Pack Flame Resistant Fleece Footed Pajamas were made by Carter’s. This is one of the most well-known brands of baby clothes. This product comes with 3 garments, all featuring fun, and playful designs.

They’re comfortable pajamas which are machine washable and flame resistant. These long-sleeved pajamas also have foot grippers for the safety of little ones who are just learning to walk.


  • Imported pajamas which are made with 100% polyester material.
  • Made with fabric which is resistant to flames.
  • Comes with 3 sets of pajamas which have fun designs and foot grippers.
  • Cuffs on the long sleeves are ribbed.


  • Runs a bit small.
  • Getting one of the legs in can be a challenge.

Family Feeling Shark Little Boys Shorts Set Pajamas 

Let your little one enjoy sleeping in this fun and comfortable pajama set. The top and matching bottom is easy to wear and enjoyable to put on. This set of pajamas comes in a lot of different options to choose from. All these choices are appealing to little boys.

The Family Feeling Shark Little Boys Shorts Set Pajamas are made with soft cotton to ensure great comfort. They’re machine washable and fit snugly.


  • These cute pajamas are made of 100% soft cotton.
  • This imported pajama set is machine washable and snug-fitting.
  • Comes in a fun design which is appealing to little boys.
  • Comes with a tee and matching bottoms for sleeping.


  • Seams may rip after a few uses.
  • Shrinks after washing.

Leveret “Baby Boy” Striped 2 Piece Pajama Set 

These adorable pajamas come in versatile colors – perfect for boys or girls. The Leveret Striped 2-Piece Pajama Set comes with a top and bottom. These garments are made with 100% cotton which is very soft. It’s a comfortable product which is machine washable.

Since these pajamas are quite snug, the manufacturers recommend buying a bigger size if your little one is on the bigger size. Do this to ensure a good fit and great comfort.


  • Imported pajama set which is made of 100% cotton that’s super soft.
  • The label is tagless to avoid irritating the skin.
  • Machine washable and comes in a packaging which is hassle-free.
  • Available in different-colored striped designs.


  • Even though it’s described as snug, sizes run small.
  • When the material is stretched, it doesn’t return to its original shape.

Lion Print Pajama Set 

This pajama set is both cute and comfortable. It’s printed with a cool lion design on the front and some colorful elements on the arms and legs. The pajama top doesn’t have a tag which can end up irritating your little one’s sensitive skin.

The Lion Print Pajama Set is made with 100% soft cotton. It’s a machine washable and snug-fitting pajama set.


  • Pajama set has a cute design and is made with 100% cotton.
  • Snug-fitting pajamas which are soft and comfortable.
  • Label is tagless, so you don’t have to worry about irritating your child’s skin.
  • Machine washable with cold water.


  • Can get discolored easily.
  • Seams and stitching are not very good.

Pajammie Zipsuit Unisex Baby Bamboo and Organic Cotton Pajama Footie Sleeper 

This is a superior pajama which has a lot of amazing features. It’s made with the perfect mix of organic elements, making it an eco-friendly choice. It contains 67% Viscose, which comes from bamboo.

It also contains about 28% of organic cotton and about 5% of spandex material which comes from organic yams. This splendidly soft and stretchy fabric is also very durable.

It’s a breathable fabric which will keep your baby cool and it won’t irritate your baby’s skin. Because of the stretchy material, this pajama supports your little one’s growth.

The Pajammie Zipsuit Baby Bamboo and Organic Cotton Pajama has a double zipper which is covered by a safety liner. This provides further protection to your baby’s skin.

Finally, all sizes have footies which can be folded over and the 0-12 month sizes also have fold-over mittens. This feature will allow you to easily cover and uncover your child’s feet and hands as needed.


  • This pajama is made with organic materials which are also eco-friendly. The fabric is made with the perfect blend of Viscose which comes from bamboo, organic cotton, and spandex.
  • The fabric is super soft, stretchy and durable.
  • All the available sizes have footies and mittens (0-12 months) which can be folded over.
  • Double zipper comes with a safety liner to protect your little one’s sensitive skin.
  • Doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, pesticides or flame-retardants.


  • The material is not very thick.
  • Soles of the feet are not non-slip.

Luvable Friends Baby Preemie Sleep N Play and Cap 

This basic pajama is soft, comfortable and very stylish. The striped, sailor-themed design will surely make your little one look adorable while sleeping.

It’s one of the more adorable products on our list, perfect for moms who are on a budget. This pajama comes with a cap to keep your baby’s head covered while he/she is sleeping. The Luvable Friends Baby Preemie Sleep N Play and Cap is made with combed cotton.

The interlock cloth is sure to be light on your little one’s skin. Another great thing about this product is that it’s also available in a design for girls.


  • This imported pajama is made with 100% cotton material.
  • It comes with a cap to cover your little one’s head while sleeping.
  • The machine-washable fabric is very soft and super comfortable.
  • Easy to use because of the snap closures.
  • Comes in an adorable sailor themed design. Also available in a lovely pink design for girls.


  • Sizes are not too accurate.

The Children’s Place Baby Boys’ 4-Piece Pajama Set 

This pajama set is an ideal for baby or little boys. It comes with 4 pieces which you can mix and match together. It’s a comfortable kind of pajama which is soft as it’s made with 100% cotton.

It fits well and doesn’t shrink when washed in the machine. The soft fabric is also easy to wear. It’s a fun set of pajamas which will keep your little one at ease.


  • Comes in 4 fun designs which are appealing to boys.
  • Comes in a wide range of sizes from newborns to 5T.
  • Designed to be easy-to-wear.
  • Made with 100% cotton, which is soft and comfortable.
  • Comes with 2 pajama tops and 2 pajama bottoms for you to mix and match.


  • Only comes in designs for boys.

Puseky Toddler Boy Girl Kids Striped Shirt + Pants Pajamas Set 

The Puseky Toddler Boy Girl Kids Striped Shirt + Pants Pajamas Set is a fun and colorful. It’s a comfortable garment which is made with knitted cotton of the highest quality. It’s available in 2 colors. Both colors are appropriate for boys or girls.

It’s a versatile pajama set which can be used as pajamas or as under garments to keep warmer in the winter. It’s a great set of pajamas you can buy for your little one or give as a gift.


  • Made with high quality knitted cotton material.
  • Comes in a wide variety of sizes.
  • Versatile pajama which can be used as sleepwear or as under garments.
  • Available in 2 vibrant colors which are suitable for boys or girls.
  • Comes with a long-sleeved top and long pants.


  • You might not get the right size when you order.

Hatley Baby Boys’ Organic Cotton Footed Sleeper 

In our list, this sleeper has the most variety in terms of designs. It’s available in more than 10 different designs which are vibrant, colorful and fun. This footed sleeper has soles which are non-skid, perfect for little ones who love to walk around.

The fabric is made with 100% organic cotton, which is soft and comfortable. It has a full-length zipper as well as a convenient snap tab right at the center of the neckline. It’s an imported product which is machine washable.


  • Imported sleeper which is made with 100% organic cotton.
  • It’s a sleeper which is designed to fit snugly.
  • Machine washable and comes with soles which are non-skid.
  • Has a zipper closure which runs through the whole length of the sleeper.
  • Neckline and cuffs come in contrasting colors, making them easy to spot.


  • The zipper cover doesn’t completely cover the zipper.
  • Slip grips on the soles of the feet may come off.


There really are a lot of great products out there. And all of them will give your little one comfort all through the night.

But among all we’ve listed down, we believe one product stands out. This happens to be the Pajammie Zipsuit Unisex Baby Bamboo and Organic Cotton Pajama Footie Sleeper.

It’s the best baby pajama because it’s made with organic materials. These materials are friendly to the environment. They also make the pajama super soft and stretchy.

Unlike the Family Feeling Shark Little Boys Shorts Set Pajamas, this one is made well. And it won’t shrink after being washed in the machine. The seams won’t fall apart after being used.

The Pajammie Zipsuit Baby Bamboo and Organic Cotton Pajama will fit well and it can be worn by boys and girls. It doesn’t run small like the Leveret “Baby Boy” Striped 2 Piece Pajama Set.

Finally, it won’t get discolored easily like the Lion Print Pajama Set. This is a great feature because babies tend to be messy!

This product is super stretchy and made with skin-friendly materials. So you don’t have to worry about restricting your little one’s movements. It also comes with a double zipper and a liner to protect your baby’s skin.

The breathable fabric of this pajama will allow your baby to stay cool and move about freely. Finally, the fold over mittens and footies also contribute to convenience. With this feature, you can cover up your baby’s hands and feet when needed.

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