Top 5 Best Baby Carriers for Dad

Top 5 Best Baby Carriers for Dad

Once your baby is born, it’s a two-parent job to make day-to-day life a smooth, easy process. Generally, the baby market is geared towards mothers — and rightly so — but there are hardly any products geared towards dads with newborn babies. One of the problems most couples with babies face is getting the best baby carrier, and especially a carrier that will suit dad, too! 

If you’re having a hard time picking the best baby carrier for daddy, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll provide you with an in-depth buying guide and review of the top 5 best baby carriers for Dad!

How to Choose the Best Baby Carrier for Dad 

Getting your hands on one of the top 5 best baby carriers for dad can be a herculean task, especially for first-time dads.

While we have reviewed some of the best baby carriers for daddy to choose from, there are certain key features that you should be on the lookout for when shopping for these carriers. 


Arguably, this is the most important factor to take into consideration when shopping for any product, including a baby carrier. While there are a ton of budget-friendly carriers, you should be on the lookout for and choose one that offers quality at a moderate price. One of these products is the SIMBR Baby Carrier for Newborns

This product compared to the others is super comfortable, durable, secure, and affordable. 


When considering a baby carrier for dad, you need to keep in mind your size as a dad and your child’s size. 

While some carriers claim to be unisex, it is not always the case. Try to pick one that fits you and your baby, ensuring that your baby does not slip off. Also, an ideal carrier should come with adjustable straps and waist belts for comfort. 


Planning on shopping for a baby carrier for daddy? Aim to pick one that has the right support system for your frame and that of your baby. 

An ideal carrier should have the right support systems so that you do not experience any pain after carrying for several hours. Since most of these carriers come with adjustable straps, waist belts, shoulder pads, etc., it is only wise that you pick the best, however, the ergonomic design should be your priority. 

Advantages of Baby Carriers for Dads 

Albeit different in size, functionality, and shape, one of the core benefits of these baby carriers for dads is that they are great bonding tools, ensuring that dads bond with their cute babies. Additionally, it gives moms free time. 

Some of the other benefits of these baby carriers are: 

  • It is ideal for traveling with your baby 
  • It soothes your baby 
  • Surprisingly, it is ideal for the cognitive and social development of your baby 
  • It is suitable for the safety and comfort of your baby 
  • You can engage in other activities since they are mostly hands-free 

The Best Ways to Use Baby Carriers 

Baby carriers are a growing trend and this is with good reason — they are ideal for the safety and comfort of your baby. In fact, experts have revealed that carrying your babies in these carriers help reduce crying in newborns. Also, it promotes bonding between dads and their babies. 

While these baby carriers are ideal, there are a couple of ways to safely use these carriers and they include: 

  • Practice using these carriers without the baby 
  • Endeavor to conduct your research 
  • Ensure that your baby is positioned perfectly 

Top 5 Best Baby Carriers for Dad 

TBG Men’s Tactical Baby Carrier for Daddy

Made from 600D (denier), this baby carrier for dads has often been described as a “one person” carrier. Denier here means the strength of the fabric, which goes to say that the higher the Denier, the stronger the fabric. 

Like most of the other products from TBG (Tactical Baby Gear), this piece has been built with the same tactical prowess and fitness. In addition to that, this piece is MOLLE ready which makes it completely adjustable to make use of. 

With this MOLLE feature, you can pair this carrier with a wide range of other accessories ranging from pouches, purses, carabiniers, etc. Built for dads on a mission, this piece offers you hands-free parenting, ensuring that you can carry out other activities while having a good time with your baby. 

One of the most interesting features of this product that I find impressive is the washable liner. Unlike most of the products, the TBG brand with the safety of your babies in mind has integrated this key feature to ensure that your baby is always safe. This washable liner ensures that your baby has a clean place to rest his or her head. 

In addition to its safety, all necessary safety requirements for baby carriers are met in the course of manufacturing this piece. 


  • Brand: TBG 
  • Weight: 1.65 pounds 
  • Batteries: no 
  • Material: polyester 


  • Adjustable straps 
  • 600D tactical polyester 
  • Washable cotton liner 
  • Comes with wide bottoms to support your baby 
  • Offers hands-free parenting 
  • Gives your baby two facing options — inward and outward 


  • Absence of a waist strap 

DADA Baby Toddler Carrier Hip Seat 

Built with toddlers in mind, this baby carrier for dads is capable of accommodating children between the ages of 4 to 36 months. Surprisingly, unlike any of the other baby carriers, this piece accommodates adults that are about 5’1” in height and also plus size. 

One of the most interesting features of this product is the use of breathable materials that have been designed to facilitate free airflow. This free flow of air does not just ensure that your baby gets the right amount of air but also enhances the overall comfort level of the carrier, especially on humid or hot days. 

For durability, this piece is made with 100% polyester and cotton. This makes it super durable for use in every season and for years to come. This product offers you 8 different carrying positions. Also, it is ideal for traveling, hiking, nursing, house chores, crowded malls, zoos, etc. 

You wouldn’t talk about this beautiful piece without mentioning its ergonomic build. It is made with some of the most comfortable materials available for purchase on the market, thereby ensuring that you can carry your baby for hours without feeling any pain. 


  • Brand: DADA Baby 
  • Weight: 2 pounds 
  • Batteries: no 
  • Material: polyester, cotton 


  • Ergonomic materials 
  • Offers 8 different carrying positions 
  • Ideal for almost every activity 
  • Ideal for longer carrying 
  • It is durable 


  • Does not entirely cover the baby completely 

Boppy Store Comfyfit Hybrid Baby Carrier 

At first glance, what you’ll likely notice when you see this piece is its compact design. It provides comfort and security in one piece. 

Being a yoga-inspired baby carrier for daddy, this piece has been built to be lightweight, with soft fabric, and offers you the needed support for your baby. Another impressive feature of this product is its adjustable waist belt and storage space. 

If you’re looking for that beautiful and well-designed baby carrier that will complement your outfit while making you look super cool, then this may just be the best product for you. It affords you enough storage space to store some of your items like diapers, baby wipes, and other relevant baby accessories. 

As mentioned earlier, this carrier is a compact product that can be stashed or wrapped up after every use. This keeps it safe. Washable, this piece is made with 88% polyester and 12% spandex. 


  • Brand: Boppy Store 
  • Weight: 2.42 pounds 
  • Batteries: no 
  • Material: Polyester, spandex 


  • It is comfortable 
  • Comes with an adjustable waist belt 
  • It is a stash n Go pouch 
  • Perfect for almost every baby, regardless of size 
  • Ideal for various activities 


  • Offers only 2 carrying positions 

SIMBR Baby Carrier for Newborns 

Over the years, one of the many problems most people have had when it comes to choosing the best baby carrier for daddy is the absence of a comfortable and safe baby carrier. Well, the manufacturers of this product SIMBR after extensive research have launched this super comfortable and convenient piece. 

Unlike any of the other products you’ve seen or made use of, this baby carrier has been manufactured from 100% cotton fabric and has this befitting ergonomic design that offers an additional level of comfort and convenience that is not always guaranteed. 

One impressive feature of this product is the singular fact that it is built for newborns in mind. If you’ve used some of the baby carriers for dads, then you would agree that not all are suitable for babies below 6 months. This piece seeks to differ in that regard by offering you a fine carrier for babies of about 3 months and above. 

For additional comfort, an adjustable waist belt has been infused into this piece. This feature helps to supply comfort for both babies and dads. 

Its 3D cool mesh is another interesting feature that cannot be left out. This feature allows you to install and uninstall panels depending on the season or weather. For example, in hot Summer times, you may decide to remove certain straps for enhanced airflow and breathability. 


  • Brand: SIMBR 
  • Weight: 2.49 pounds 
  • Batteries: no 
  • Material: 100% cotton 


  • Ergonomic design 
  • Ideal for all seasons 
  • Made from quality material 
  • Super convenient 
  • It is moderately priced 


  • Limited carrying positions 

Peacoco Baby Carrier Hip Seat (6-in-1 Convertible) 

With 6 different carrying options to choose from, this versatile product has been designed to offer you that additional level of comfort, safety, and durability you would expect from a well-designed baby carrier for daddy. 

While there are a ton of features that make this product stand out, one of these features is the ergonomic design. Like the product reviewed above, this piece has been designed to offer a higher degree of comfort that you wouldn’t get from any of the other carriers. Unlike the others, this piece ensures that there’s gravity on the shoulder load. Also, its widened waist belt helps to increase the overall comfort level of this carrier. 

Surprisingly, this is one of the very few carriers for dads that come with release buckles. This is a fine feature though — it makes this carrier easy to make use of and ideal for all activities, including outdoors. 

Finally, this is a moderately priced piece that has been built to offer you more for the value of less. 


  • Brand: Peacoco 
  • Weight: 1.6 pounds 
  • Batteries: no 
  • Material: cotton 
  • Carrying options: 6 


  • Ergonomic design 
  • Suitable for both moms and dads 
  • It is a safe carrier 
  • Made from 100% original cotton 
  • Easy to make use of 


  • Release buckles may not be the option when it comes to the safety of babies 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Why should I use a baby carrier safely? 

It offers your baby the right support system, thus, ensuring that neither you or your baby suffer from any form of pain. 

I don’t have the time to learn how to use a baby carrier, what should I do? 

Depending on your learning curve, you may have to find baby carriers that are quite easy to make use of. 

Fortunately, in this review, we have discussed some of the easy ones you can choose from. Some of these carriers come with release buckles that help ease the stress. 

Should I still get a baby carrier even if my baby is a few months old? 

Of course. A ton of dads with babies that are a few months old still make use of these carriers because of how efficient and ideal it is. 

Also, most of these carriers are built for babies of almost every age. 


This piece has reviewed the top 5 best baby carriers for dad to give you a choice while also sharing some of the core features to look out for when shopping for any of these carriers. 

After a careful review, the best product here is the SIMBR Baby Carrier for Newborns. This product has been designed to offer you a higher degree of comfort, security, and durability. 

As mentioned above, this product is budget-friendly, is built to fit for all, and has an incredible support system. These features set it apart from all of the other products reviewed.